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Tip Tuesday: How Sending Gifts Funds My Traveling

Gift Giving

If you're a close friend or a family member, chances are I've given you flowers for your birthday, special occasion, or as a congratulatory gift. While yes, of course I do it to show my love, care, or support - it also throws a little added bonus my way. I happen to receive TONS of airline miles every time I send them, and I'm finally going to share my secret!

This post will be long (apologies in advance) and it may be confusing - but I swear once you get it down, you're going to be kicking yourself you only just discovered this!

First off, if you do not have Ebates, pause on reading this article and sign up HERE. It's literally free money (no hoax or shams, I promise!) in addition to your miles back.

Next is breaking down the miracle that is 1800 Flowers and their company partners. *Note: This is not an ad, and no they did not pay me for this write up - simply a happy customer!

  • To get the miles, put the promotional code and your airline membership number before hitting check out.

  • For Jet Blue, check out THIS LINK for the list of their full partners. You will see all of 1800 Flowers partners are listed

  • For Southwest, check out THIS LINK for the full list of their partners, you will see only 1800 Flowers (not partners) are on their list.

  • **Make sure you have rewards programs with both airlines in order to redeem your miles

  • 4th Step: Remember the shout out earlier for Ebates - make sure your shopping trip is activated before checking out. In addition to the miles, you receive 10-20% cash back on your entire purchase.

Hope this article helps fund your love for traveling and takes you to great places and spaces!



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