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Tip Tuesday: Discounted Broadway Tickets in NYC

Having called NYC home for almost 4 years while also maintaining a love for the arts and Broadway was hard. Keeping up with the latest shows while paying a hefty salary on NYC rent had me catching maybe 1 or 2 shows a year. I then I discovered some tricks of the Broadway lottery system. Now I believe it's silly to see a show without using this method and I see them as frequently as once or twice a month! While TKTs counter in Time Square is a nice percentage off the box office prices, it does not come close to the lottery prices most of the shows offer.

In regards to price range and seat assignment, this is where it seems to vary. I've paid $40 for Anastasia and sat in the 2nd row, I've also paid $30 for Lion King and sat in the last row of the theater. It tends to vary and since you're sometimes paying 20-30% of the full retail price it's hard to be picky or complain.

Now I know the initial thought comes into mind - I'm in NYC for a night, how can I guarantee a ticket? While unfortunately, no a ticket can not be guaranteed, there is a good percentage you will win one of the shows if you've entered all the listed lotteries (since there is a good amount).

Below are the breakdowns of sites and apps to check out when it comes to reserving your place in a Broadway Show's Lottery. *Be mindful that some may require you to download apps, register your email/phone number or sign in through your social media.


Often this site constantly updates the show lineup and gives the direct link into each individual lottery


Download TodayTix on your mobile phone. Along with offering great low price deals on shows, they also have a select amount of Broadway as well as Off-Broadway shows with lotteries directly though their app.

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