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The Power of the Travel Community | These Companies Cut their Partnerships with the NRA

Valentine’s Day, 2018 - a day for most that is supposed to be filled with love, flowers, and candy, but not for Parkland, Florida. Instead it was filled with fear, tears, and a broken community for the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Being one of the unfortunate many to add to a list of mass shooting events, there was something different about this one. The students, the incredible individuals from Douglas, fought back and demanded change. They’ve inspired so many individuals including: celebrities, major sports team, companies, and yes even travelers.

As a travel community we have the ultimate say in the business’ we support to get us from point A to point B. The support the travel community has placed behind these children, to boycotting travel companies that partner with the National Riffle Association, has led to so many travel companies pulling their partnerships with the NRA. So, before you cross your t’s and dot your i’s on your next itinerary, know that your actions can have a positive impact.

Here are a list of companies that no longer offer partnerships and membership discounts with the NRA:

Hertz Car Rental Company

Avis Car Rental Company * Will end their relationship in March

Enterprise, Alamo, & National Car Rental Company

Delta Airlines

United Airlines


**Best Western and Wyndham Hotel Group have also claimed, while being listed as initial partners and members of the NRA are not in fact in affiliation with the NRA.

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