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4 Side Trips From Split, Croatia

Centrally located on the Dalmatia Coast, Split offers the best opportunity to visit Croatia's beaches and many islands. While there's a lot to be said about the beauty of the expected tourist, beach towns and cities, here are some other amazing places to explore while staying in Split, Croatia.

Krka Waterfalls at Krka National Park

The two most popular waterfalls amongst tourists in Croatia are Piltvice Lakes and Krka Waterfalls. If time allows you the pleasure of visiting both, I highly recommend it. If I had to choose one, I would say visit Krka for a couple of reasons: 1 - the drive is closer to the city of Split, 2 - the cost for tours, transportation, etc will be cheaper, and 3 - unlike Piltvice, Krka lets their visitors swim in the natural lakes surrounding the waterfalls. Starting with a beautiful scenic walk through the national park, you're then led to the waterfalls where you have the time to swim at your leisure, grab a bite to eat, or continue to hike through the park. Word of advice, while August is the popular time to go to Croatia, I advise trying to visit the park during September or early July. The park is jammed pack and there are even lines to walk along the nature trails.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Even though I highly recommend concentrating your travels around the Split area - I still believe that visiting Dubrovnik is a must-do while spending time on the Dalmatia coast. Home to Kings Landing, HBO's Game of Thrones references are seen everywhere and it's hard not to pretend your walking through the ancient walls of kings and queens (unfortunately no dragons spotted). Get lost walking throughout the city and venturing through its enchanting side streets and alley ways. For a modest price, there's also a cable car that will take you up the mountain for a beautiful landscape view of the walled city. Soak in the rich history and clear blue water, while taking either a walking tour of the city or even a Game of Thrones locations tour. Any excuse to walk around the city and see its charming nooks and crannies is well worth it.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nestled in the heart of Bosnia is the City of Mostar. The drive from Split is approximately 2 hours and many tour companies in Old Town have day excursions that take you across the border. Mostar, notably known in the 90s as the center of the Bosnian war, has rebuilt itself into the beautiful city it is today with help from the European Union. Must see sites to see are the Old Bridge and the many traditional markets in the center of its Old Town. With Mostar's mix of Central European and Middle Eastern influence, it's common to find cultural, religious, and even culinary fusion reflecting both sides of the world. Making Mostar a truly magical place to visit.

Trogir, Croatia

Just a 30 minute drive from Split's city center, is the city of Trogir. While popular for its port being the starting point to most of the famous Yacht Week and Sail Croatia boats, there's so much more this beautiful place offers visitors. The city's buildings are a mix of both romanesque and renaissance architecture; and through the narrow winding sidewalks, tourists can find the most quaint shops and delicious dining. Due to its rich history, it has earned a title as a World Heritage site. Kamerlengo Castle, while a stunning photo-op setting the stage for the Trogir's skyline during the day, can turn into a night club with incredible techno DJs during some of the summer nights. If looking for some dining recommendations, Don Dinos is an incredible restaurant with a great atmosphere (with outdoor seating) and amazing food like locally sources black truffle dishes and fresh fish caught off the shore.

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